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Hi, I'm Jane.

I'm a mum, farmer's wife, horse enthusiast, cowgirl, clinician and an 2x Australian Champion. I'm a stay-at-home mum. Except I don't stay home much, because life wasn't meant to be lived on the couch!

I love all things horses and western sports related, but breakaway roping has my heart. You will find me anywhere in Australia, either at a roping, a rodeo, or conducting a clinic to help fellow ropers reach their full potential. Occasionally you'll spot me at a barrel race or a campdraft.

I want to do my bit to improve, build and foster breakaway roping as a sport here in Australia. If my little girls grow up wanting to be ropers, I'd like to try and make sure they're walking into a sport that's prosperous, exciting and promising

I've had my fair share of success in the arena. Beyond my Australian titles, I've won major rodeos and ropings all over Australia, set fast time records and trained multiple horses along the way. The accolades are nice and will always be something I treasure, but at the heart of it all, I'm just a true lover of the game.

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