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Clinics & Lessons

I stumbled into the clinician world almost 7 years ago and never left.


I truly love teaching! I'm passionate about passing on my knowledge, helping others with their roping and horsemanship skills and fostering the future of breakaway roping in Australia. I'm known for my simplistic approach, friendly manner and wealth of knowledge. I keep the roping fun, share my experiences and help people at every level. 

What I Offer

My teaching is structured and focused on solid fundamentals, for both roping and horsemanship. You'll learn about a rope, how a rope works, how to control it and the same for your horse. I aim to give people the skills and knowledge they need, so that they can take it home and build on it by themselves. The mental aspect of competition and winning is incorporated into my teachings and above all else we have fun!


I can tailor a learning environment specifically to you or your group's need. Below are the most common structures I have found work best. 


  • One, Two or Three day options. 

  • Groups of 8-12 students. 

  • A beginner clinic includes groundwork on dummies, horsemanship and sled dummy work on horses.

  • A comprehensive clinic (the most popular option) includes groundwork on dummies, horsemanship and sled dummy work on horses as well as live cattle. 

  • Clinics can have students of mixed levels, I treat everyone as an individual and everyone is included at all times. 

  • Clinics are generally 8am-4pm, however this is flexible and adjustable around things such as weather and clashing with other events.

  • Insurance provided. A waiver must be signed before commencement. 

  • Options to host a clinic at your venue of choice.

Group Lessons/Mini Clinics

  • Generally, a one-day option 8am-4pm (flexible)

  • 3-6 students. 

  • Works best when all students are at a similar level. 

  • A great chance to organise a bunch of friends, get together and rope. 

  • The day can be tailored directly around the group of students and exactly what they need help with. ie Beginners day covering the basics or a tune up sessions on live calves for an experienced bunch of girls. 

  • Insurance provided. A waiver must be signed before commencement. 

  • Option to host a group lesson/mini clinic at your venue of choice.

Individual Lessons

  • Half day or full day one on one lesson.

  • Tailored exactly to the individual and their needs.

  • Insurance provided. A waiver must be signed before commencement. 

  • My venue or your choice of venue. Price will include travel if applicable. 

Online Help

  • Info coming........

Interesting in hosting a clinic?

Let me know where. Reach out via email.

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